“A one-man recording has to be darn near excellent to stand on its own, particularly when it comes to jazz piano. Stefano Travaglini absolutely delivers with his new CD Ellipse.

The track Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise takes wide liberties with the jazz standard and, in pianist Travaglini’s hands, becomes a fugue that finds its way to dissonant intervals. He is totally at play with his improv, pulling apart the architecture and building it up into something brand new.

A place of peace and soft regrets arrive with the track called Goodbye For Now. This song paints a wistful landscape, using phrases that inhale and exhale, saying this is life, and sadness is part of the experience. The CD’s strength is its honesty regarding human emotion; its tunefulness that bends around corners; and its inventiveness in walking the tightrope over jazz to one side and classical on the other. Masterful.”

Debbie Burke

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