That’s my way of preparation – to not be prepared.
And that takes a lot of preparation!
(Lee Konitz)

Ich glaube: kunst kommt nicht von können, sondern von Müssen.
(Arnold Schönberg)

Stefano Travaglini, versatile musician and multi-instrumentalist devotes his attention mainly to the piano and improvised music. He has performed in various contexts, from solo piano to the orchestra, working with various classical and jazz musicians.
He studied Piano, Oboe, Bass guitar, Composition and Conducting, perfecting also with A. Part and V. Mendoza. He has performed concerts in various countries: Italy, Hungary, Canada, USA, Mexico, Spain, Russia, UAE, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, ecc.

2013 CD – The Hungarian Songbook, 10 folksongs for voice & improvised piano (Terre Sommerse, TS ETNO 03/13)
“The piano accompaniment is likewise roaming from the joyful and vivid Mediterranean motifs through a Central-European melancholy and the translucent sonority of French impressionism to the harsh harmonies of jazz. We are taken to a sweeping voyage through historical epochs and faraway lands, always grateful to the ordinary Hungarian, Slovak, Rumanian peasants and Gipsy musicians who preserved the archaic power of this musical tradition throughout the centuries.” (A. Retkes, music historian)

2017 CD – Ellipse, piano solo (Notami Jazz, NJ22)
“Ellipse is the result of an hour-long, free recording session, unmodified by cuts or edits. I have freely conveyed extemporaneous inventions as well as themes and quotations with the sole purpose of offering a unique, cohesive, and elliptical work.” (from liner notes)

“Melody, articulated compositions in real suite, a European dimension, where they meet modern improvisation and writing. Jazz proposed by Stefano Travaglini brings elegance and practice of classical music and combines with the rhythm and the energy of contemporary jazz, without barriers of gender and, above all, sensitivity to the balance between the different souls which compose.” (F. Ciminiera – Jazz Convention, 2009)